Graphic Design for Web

This client told me, "We don't sell exciting stuff."  They are a power supply manufacturer in the lighting industry.  "We sell little black boxes and we don't know how to make our website anything but boring."

I focused on the concepts of electricity and technology paired with dynamic infographics to create images that conveyed power and innovation while appealing to engineers, product managers, and purchasers alike.
The city of Junction City earned a grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield to put programs in place to increase the health and wellness of the population.  Junction City's first inititive was a quit smoking program.

This was a fun project because it was built completely from the ground up.  Every graphic on the website was built by me and gave the site a very custom feel.

Graphic Design for Print

Brochures, posters, infographics, spec sheets, booklets, newsletters, bookmarks, banners, vehicle wraps, business cards and print ads.  You name it...I've built a graphic for it!

Web Design/Social Media

I've worked on a lot of different web design platforms including:

Go Daddy

When it comes to designing a website my goals are:

Search Engine Friendly
Engaging Design
Simple and Fluid Functionality
Consistant Branding
Easy Updating

Social Media has become it's own animal and a lot of people know that they need it,
but not necessarily why they need it or how to start.  I do everything from setting
up the accounts to managing posting and reports.