Art by Jessica Jagerson 
Beauty is Power
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My name is Jessica Jagerson
I remember quite clearly the first time I tapped into the artist in me.  I was 5 and my mother tasked me with making the salad for dinner.  I carefully laid out the lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber and carrots in a way I found beautiful.  

Soon I was sitting with my grandmother learning to mix colors and drawing on everything (except the walls).  I've been making pretty things ever since. My work has matured as I have, but the joy of making something beautiful is as pure as it was when I was a little girl.
As a fine artist, I mostly paint with acrylic as it's much more environmentally friendly than oil, and occassionally I wander into sculpture and sewing.  

Graphic art has been a natural evolution of my 2D and 3D art.  I view the software as new tools in my artistic quiver and it's opened new and challenging opportunities that the adventururer in me always appreciates!